New Alexa firmware is here.

Arri has just released the latest firmware upgrade for the Alexa, and it has some really significant improvements and features.  We’re really excited for this one.  From the Arri website:

New Features Overview

SUP 7.0 runs on all ARRI ALEXA cameras – ALEXA, ALEXA Plus, ALEXA Plus 4:3, ALEXA M and ALEXA Studio. Here is an overview of the features in SUP 7.0. The full list of new features and other changes from previous SUP versions are described in detail in the following chapter.

  • ProRes 2K recording in the 16:9 and the 4:3 aspect ratio
  • New and improved in-camera debayering (ADA-3 HW)
  • New and improved in-camera high speed debayering
  • Redesigned status display on EVF and MON OUT
  • Simplified camera menus
  • Clone monitor out option for REC OUT
  • Low Contrast Curve (LCC) look file included as part of the SUP
  • Added support for new Controlled Lens Motor CLM-4
  • 3D sync now available on all ALEXA M without license key