Red Firmware 4.0: the big one…

Red has just released the beta firmware version 4.0, and they say it’s a game changer.  We’re not running it in our cameras yet (we never send out our cameras with a beta build), but it looks like it’s going to make a lot of people happy:


  • Added Pre-Record
  • Added Time Lapse
  • Added Record Ramp
  • Added Vertical Monitor Flip
  • Added Vertical and Horizontal UI Flip/Mirror
  • Added Custom Overlay
  • Added Power Save Modes
  • Added User selectable 1:1 zoom
  • Added Selectable LCD Frequency
  • Added Import/Export user cal maps
  • Added Calibration warnings for exposure and temperature
  • Added Luma Ramp Test Pattern
  • Added Pro IO and Monitor Audio Mixer
  • Added internal frame summing for long exposures
  • Added internal frame averaging capability (noise reduction)
  • Added REDmote Auto Pairing
  • Added +1 Support
  • Added pluge pattern to SMPTE bars
  • Updated UI control look/feel
  • Separate Audio Channel Setup
  • Calibration capture speed-up
  • Improved RAW metering
  • Target exposure time support (behaves like redcode now)
  • Enhanced AF

We’ll let you know as soon as it becomes a release build, and will have it installed ASAP.