Camera Chase Car

Introducing the Gearhead Camera Chase Car. Built around a Porsche Cayenne GTS, it has 405 horsepower, adjustable air suspension, and incredible handling. We’ve added a 4-way intercom system with a production/basecamp connection, dual battery with 1000-watt sine wave power inverter, and an HD monitoring system. With the fully adjustable post and arm system, the camera can be set inches from the ground or 8 feet up, front or rear, in a matter of minutes. An available option is the Vader Rig, a motorized boom that rides on the rear of the car and allows joystick-controlled moves with soft stops. ¬†The final piece is the Mo-Sys Exim gyrostabilized remote head, allowing pan, tilt, and roll and will hold cameras up to 100 pounds.






Cayenne Chase Car with integrated post/arm system, intercom system, AC/DC power management system, and 3 on-board monitors: $950:00

Vader Rig joystick-controlled motorized camera platform: $750.00

Flocine Black Arm: $250.00

Offroad shock absorber: $250.00 (recommended for rough road surfaces)

Shotover G1 Gyrostabilized Remote head: $1500.00 (requires technician)

Camera Car Driver: $750/10 hours (required)

Remote head Technician: $750/10 hours (required)

Mileage: $1.50/mile