Contact/Rental Info


Our address is:

Gearhead Camera Inc
3007-A West Clay Street
Richmond, VA 23230
Phone: 804-675-2635 (Max Fischer, Rental Manager)
Backup contact: Caleb Plutzer (434) 987-5247
Normal hours are Monday-Friday, 9-5.  Equipment rentals are scheduled by appointment only.


The details:

We love new technology, but inquiring about a rental through Facebook or texting is not ideal.  Please send an email with an equipment wish list/shoot dates and we can get you a quote and availability much faster.  Feel free to call with questions.


Listed rates are “per day,” there are long-term discounts as well as discounts for package rentals.  One day is pick up after 1pm the day before the rental, return by 11am the day after the rental.  Pre-light days are billed at 1/2 day rate.  Rentals that are cancelled before 2:00pm the day prior to pickup, or once a prep has begun are subject to a cancellation fee.  Subrented items that are cancelled once shipped are subject to a 100 percent cancellation fee.  Gearhead Camera is not responsible for shipping companies’ failure to deliver equipment on time.  If you are not renting a camera from us, there may be an additional charge to make use of our shop as a full prep.


We accept VISA, Master Card, and American Express for rentals up to $2500.00. An additional service fee may be added for rentals larger than $2500.00.  We DO NOT accept debit cards, sorry.


A certificate of insurance and a credit card authorization (see form below) is required before we can hold equipment for you.  The certificate must name Gearhead Camera Inc. as “loss payee” and “additionally insured” for rented camera equipment valued at the amount determined by the rental.  A liability policy does not cover this, sorry.  If you do not have production equipment insurance (your homeowner’s won’t cover or add this), you can get short term policies through  Please DO NOT show up to pick up equipment until your insurance certificate has been received and approved by us.  You will end up waiting…

The following forms must be completed prior to rental, along with a certificate of insurance, picture of the front and back of your credit card, and the cardholders driver’s license or passport:

Rental Agreement

Gearhead Credit Auth

Virginia Tax Exemption Form