Remote Systems

Shotover G1 Gyrostabilized remote head: $1500.00  (requires technician @ $750/10hrs)

CinemaPro/ Talon Remote head with joystick and wheels, wireless system and upgraded backpan option: $950.00

Betz Wave: $250.00

Preston 3-channel HU-3  and MDR-3 G4 FI+Z: $450.00

Preston single channel Microwave remote focus: $175.00

Arri WCU-4 system with two C-Motion and one C-Motion Plus motor $450.00

Arri SXU-1 system with one C-Motion motor: $175.00

Terradek Bolt wireless HD video trandmitter/receiver: $175.00

Additional Bolt receiver: $75.00

Paralinx Tomahawk wireless HD transmitter: $375.00

Additional Tomahawk receiver: $100.00